BMA Law-1

BMA Law is the legal arm of the British Medical Association. They had an existing WordPress website built by an incumbent developer, and when they went through a rebrand, we were asked by their marketing agency to reskin the website and add a host of additional feature.

Since then, we have continued working on the site, adding additional features as requested by BMA Law and their marketing agency Wonder. We have:

  • Fully reskinned the website with the new brand
  • Rebuilt the homepage slider functionality, giving the marketing team a series of slider styles to choose from
  • Added Twitter functionality, pulling in the latest tweets using the Twitter API, allowing them to display the tweets in a custom, on-brand design
  • Built a new Resources section, where users could only see the excerpt of a resource and had to enter their contact details to receive full access to the resource. This contact information is then stored within a database and also emailed to the relevant staff member at BMA
  • Added an events section, with the ability for BMA to upload programme and speaker information for each event. Past events are set to automatically disappear off the site, reducing the team’s post-event workload
  • Added the ability for the BMA team to cross-link resources, events and services (e.g. Corporate Law, Family Law), so that they could easily choose which relevant resources and events would appear on service pages, keeping those pages highly relevant
  • Added a ‘BMA in Numbers’ statistics box, with numbers animating and counting up when the user scrolls to that section of the page