Dear Kate

Dear Kate
DK Product

Dear Kate is a New York-based underwear technology company, whose aim is to empower women through hi-tech and low stress, period underwear, “thoughtfully designed for everyday confidence”.

We began working with Dear Kate in 2017, and completely revamped their dated Shopify site with a new theme, giving their products a reinvigorated promotional push.

We created bespoke Shopify gallery functionality which allows the carousel of gallery images to dynamically adapt to the variant the end-user has selected, something which isn’t built into Shopify by default.

Dear Kate could tag each product image with the relevant colour and/or style name, and when they clicked on a specific style and colour, the gallery would filter to only allow the user to see images from that specific variant or those specific variants.

We also built a number of custom page templates for promotional campaigns, including an explanatory ‘Technology page’, incorporated and customized ‘Yotpo’ product reviews, and built functionality that automatically displayed up-selling messages to the user depending on the number of items in their basket (e.g. “Buying 2 pairs? Add 2 more to your basket for 20% discount”).

We have continued working with Dear Kate, rebranding the site again after they were bought by Monthly Gift in 2017, and have continued to add functionality to the site as their marketing team come up with new and innovative additions to the site.