Email Template Creation


Email templates may seem simple, but can actually be some of the most complex things to build.

Your users and clients use a whole range of email clients – the desktop ones like Mac Mail Outlook, mobile ones like those that come loaded with iPhones and Android phones, as well as countless webmail-based ones like, Yahoo Mail and Gmail.

Unfortunately, because of the convoluted and separate way they developed over the years, every email client handles the HTML code (the code that makes up emails) in different ways, each with their own quirks and bugs.

Plus with the massive increase in mobile users in the past few years, it’s increasingly important to ensure that your emails are mobile-friendly, and can be read on everything from the largest screens down to the smallest mobiles.

We’re experts into turning your beautiful designs into working emails, which look consistent across all clients and work perfectly on both desktop and mobile clients.

If you’re an agency tasked with creating new email templates for your clients, speak to us about how we can build and test them for you, and even integrate them into your or your client’s marketing system such as MailChimp.