“This Content was Archived” – How to see archived Shopify Community content

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“This Content was Archived” – How to see archived Shopify Community content

Shopify’s Community forum is a fantastic way to get answers to common Shopify problems. However, they eventually archive their posts, but they continue to rank highly on Google for some time to come – learn how to gets the answers back.

There’s nothing more frustrating than searching Google for a Shopify query, finding what looks like the perfect thread on their community.shopify.com domain, and clicking on it, only to be hit with the following:

That’s right, the post has gone and all you’re left with is a message telling you “This Content was Archived. Try searching for related content.”


Sometimes you won’t even get that, and will just be redirected straight to the Shopify Community homepage.

While massive developer forums like StackOverflow keep their content there forever, Shopify has an annoying habit of archiving its threads after a certain amount of time.

It seems nonsensical, as often these threads have really useful answers. We imagine that it’s because Shopify as a platform is always evolving, and they don’t want people stumbling across out-of-date information, but it doesn’t take away our frustration when we stumble upon the perfect thread in Google’s results just to find it no longer exists.

Well, thankfully, there’s a good chance you can find that thread again!

Head back to Google, find the answer you’re looking for, then right-click on the result and click ‘Copy Link Address’ – the wording may change slightly depending on your browser.

Now, head to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine at archive.org – a brilliant resource for finding out what pages or websites used to look like.

If you haven’t come across it before, it’s a historical resource of billions of webpages from across the internet, often storing many multiples of pages.

Paste the URL into the ‘Wayback Machine’ box at the top and hit enter.

If you’re in luck, you’ll see a page which looks like the below. The horizontal lines show all of the times that the Wayback Machine took a snapshot of the page in question.

Choose the most recent year, hover over the last blue circle, and click on one of the snapshots from the little popup.

You should then find the thread intact:

Et voila!

If after clicking on the snapshot, you find yourself back on the “This Content was Archived” page, then we’ve gone for too recent a result – the Wayback Machine has taken a snapshot since the content was archived.

Simply click back and try an earlier snapshot, using trial and error until you get to the answer page.

You don’t want to simply go back to the first snapshot, as you want the thread to have been open long enough to get some good answers.