CityNites run fully furbished serviced apartments in Birmingham, with plans to expand into cities worldwide.

They use eZee Reservations to handle their bookings, and the reservation management system comes with very bland email templates which get sent to customers when they place a reservation or check out.

Design agency White Sky Creative worked with CityNites, designing them a new series of attractive, modern email templates to fit with their branding, and to provide them with promotional spaces in which they can provide seasonal offers and vouchers.

We built the templates, fully testing them to ensure they work equally well on a small iPhone screen as they do on a large desktop, before integrating them into eZee Reservations.

Email clients are notoriously tricky, and we fully test all of our emails in all modern and not-so-modern clients, including Outlook 2010 onwards, Mac Mail, web clients Gmail,, Yahoo, and the built-in email clients on Android and iOS, to ensure they provide a consistent experience.