How to check your website’s Google rankings over time with Pro Rank Tracker

How to check your website’s Google rankings over time with Pro Rank Tracker

Managing a successful website is becoming more competitive every year. Whether you’re a local service business, a niche blogger or a national agency; knowing where you stand against your competition is vital for success. Having the ability to know where to focus, and knowing just how far you are from the top is indispensable. This is where Pro Rank Tracker comes in.

What is Pro Rank Tracker?

Pro Rank Tracker (PRT) is one of the leading website tracking solutions available. PRT uses a highly accurate algorithm to track the ranking performance of your website for your targeted keywords. PRT automatically updates your tracked search terms & URLs every day, generating a large amount of statistics and graphs in a format that allows you to simply analyze trends which help businesses better target their SEO efforts.

Pro Rank Tracker offers complete search engine coverage. From localized tracking on over 250 local search engine sites (including Google, Yahoo! And Bing) Track your website ranking results across a huge range of search engines for the best possible results. Full list here.

In an age which is increasingly becoming mobile-first, the rankings of your site on the mobile platform is increasingly vital. Pro Rank Tracker allows you to track the ranking of your site across all the common mobile and tablet devices, ensuring that you can compete on the fastest growing platform.

PRT also includes video channel tracking. In an age where video channel presence is essential to many, the ability to track video ranking performance is an extremely helpful resource of PRT. This service includes subscriber and individual video tracking.

For WordPress users, Pro Rank Tracker produces a WordPress plugin which brings all this data to your WP-Admin menu so it’s all on hand.

PRT also gives you the option to export reports into file formats such as PDF, XLSX and CSV which gives you or your business the freedom to process the data as you wish.

Mobile & Tablet Apps – Pro Rank Tracker offer well rated apps for both Android and iOS that display all your tracking data in a user-friendly and highly presentable form.

Pro Rank Tracker’s advanced reporting allows you to analyze trends and progress through the use of advanced graphs and plots. PRT presents a plethora of ways to present detailed tracking statistics to different clients.

On the higher PRT plans, you can generate white label reports which allow you to create tailor made and professional ranking reports using PRT data to display to your clients.
The amount of URLs and terms you are allowed to track depends on your level of membership. Currently, the free membership allows you to track 2 URLs and 20 terms with some features like sub-accounts and white label reporting disabled.

PRT offer an excellent range of premium plans however, for every use case with multiple contract lengths. You can subscribe on a month by month basis, a semi annual basis or an annual basis. All the premium plans come with unlimited URLs. I recommend the BRONZE plan which comes with 300 terms for just $19 a month.

Setting up PRT for the first time

Setting up PRT couldn’t be easier. After signing up for an account and validating your email address, you will find yourself on the dashboard.

Within the dashboard you will see the option to Add URLs and Searched Terms. Obviously the URLs are where you put your web addresses and the searched terms are where you put the keywords you want to track your ranking on.

Next you select from the 250 search engines you would like to track your URL on. Choosing from Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more. Then just below this there is a checkbox for Google Local Tracking which will allow you to start analyzing your ranking by the locale (e.g. City/Region/Language). It also gives you the option to track your rank on the Google Snack Pack (i.e. the top Google Map listings on the Search Engine Results Page).

Finally, at the bottom of the page, there are three fields for grouping, tagging and noterising each URL. This comes in handy if you’re working on an assortment of projects allowing you to filter and organize projects as needed.

This is particularly handy if you manage websites for multiple clients, allowing you to sort and manage your clientbase effectively ensuring tracking data is kept distinctly separate.

And that’s it! Press Save and you’re tracking is all set up. If you click on your dashboard you should be able to see that your URL is tracked and showing ranking results for your search terms.

Interpreting the Results

On the left hand sidebar you have many options. Rankings shows an overview of your rankings by URL view which shows how your URL ranks for each term, Term view which shows how your Term ranks for each URL and List View which shows a summarised list of all your URLs on the account.

The simplest way to interpret your results is on the URL view. On the URL view, select the relevant URL and you will get the following:

This page shows you a summary of the URL and how your terms are ranking overall for it. If you scroll down the page you will see a list of your selected search terms and how each ranks by day/week/month and the change in rank over each period of time.

At the bottom of the page you can see a key/legend which shows you what each icon represents, allowing you to better understand the search term rankings of your URL.

For more detailed analysis of ranking performance, you can generate reports. On the left sidebar there are a huge amount of reporting capabilities. You can generate overview reports, progress reports, comparison reports, benchmark reports and more.

These reports contain a plethora of filters and options which allow you to track individual terms, URLs over specified or unspecified periods of time. From these reports you can view a variety of different outputs from simple tables, graphs, pies, etc. PRT also allows you to export these reports to a variety of formats which is great for printing or sharing within your team or with the relevant clients.


Pro Rank Tracker offers a vast suite of rank tracking and reporting features which will provide you with a clear advantage. The service allows you to track terms on hundreds of search engines for multiple URLs and generates every kind of report you could ever need.

With its simple interface, excellent suite of mobile applications and wealth of options, this service will help you attain a discernible improvement in your site ranking.

You can sign up to ProRankTracker here.