Jimmy Coco

Jimmy Coco

Jimmy Coco is the spray tanner to Hollywood’s A-listers, working with clients such as Kim Kardashian and the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Jimmy’s team could no longer access his existing website, so approached us with the task of recreating it from scratch, making a pixel-perfect replica of his existing theme.

The existing website was powered by a paid-for but heavily customized WordPress theme, so we purchased a new copy of the theme and got to work.

We replicated all of the customizations, re-imported all of the imagery (including all of the photos of the Kardashians and Victoria Secret models), re-added all of the copy from the existing website, ensuring all of the animations and effects were the same as on the old website, and set up a brand-new booking engine that would allow the next set of Hollywood celebrities to request an appointment with Jimmy.

We then set Jimmy up with a brand-new hosting account and handed the reigns back to their marketing team – with full logins and backups so that they’d never lose control again.

Sometimes the most glamorous of clients need the most unglamorous of tasks, but it’s great to be able to help a client back onto their feet after technical problems, and we’re looking forward to continue working with Jimmy on the new site.